19 de dez de 2011

No Night is Too Long

Adaptação de um livro pela BBC, essa história parece uma mistura de Edgar Allan Poe com Patrícia Highsmith. A trama é muito envolvente e os atores principais estão ótimos, passam uma química muito boa. A trama dá várias reviravoltas e funciona muito bem como suspense, com uma construção muito interessante de personagens. E no final das contas, vale uma experiência que acho ótima no cinema: quanto menos você saber da história do filme antes de assisti-lo, melhor a experiência.

Minha Cotação: * * * *

No Night Is Too Long (2002) – Gay Film Review
A BBC Adaptation of Barbara Vine's Gay Interest Thriller Novel

Jul 6, 2009
Steve Williams


Bored of his university girlfriend, the exceptionally good looking Tim Cornish (the seductive Lee Williams), decides to try a gay relationship with an equally entrancing man, a professor at his university, Dr. Ivo Steadman (the always brilliant Marc Warren). But their passion quickly boils over into a dangerous game of wills, and Tim can’t shake Ivo's possessive advances no matter how hard he tries; thus the story of gay interest film No Night Is Too Long is set up.

Both Lee Williams and Marc Warren demonstrate passion and commitment in creating a fully physical gay relationship of many subtle layers and emotions. Especially good is Lee Williams as he laces his character with a kind of magnetism that draws in the viewer and makes the plot of No Night Is Too Long convincing.

This is needed as, although it becomes obvious in hindsight that Ivo is, in fact, psychotically fixated on the youngster, the initial draw binding the sophisticated Ivo to the brattish Tim, who sees the gay relationship as a simple expression of his own defiant nature, could have otherwise been a fundamental problem for No Night Is Too Long, but thankfully this pitfall is avoided by the gay interest drama.

Marc Warren also deserves his share of praise. He is often cast either as a flash rich boy (Hustle) or a sweet, sensitive hero (Doctor Who), but here his malevolence is appealing, and his gentle voice, which pitches down as his mood darkens, clues the audience in to undertones that a lesser actor might have failed to convey, making Warren a force of sinister appeal in No Night Is Too Long.

Tom Shankland directs proceedings in No Night Is Too Long adequately, and Kev Elyot's adaptation of Barabara Vine’s novel remains true to the original story without restricting the film version itself, which is quite distinct and makes its own choices. In the Barbara Vine novel of No Night is Too Long, for instance, the possibility of Tim having a relationship with Isabel is left open. This is not so in the film.

Ultimately, No Night Is Too Long is a rich and engrossing film. It verges into soap opera territory at times, but great acting and otherwise clever scripting (as well as some emotively clinical cinematography) enliven and invigorate the plot to make this little known film a staple for any gay themed film collection, even if it was made for BBC TV who perhaps never conceived it could have such impact.

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